Lindsay Arakawa

Sephora (for Refinery29)

Blending together beauty trends with social media trends, Refinery29 partnered with Sephora to create Instagram-first social assets to speak to an audience who thrives in both worlds – and in this case, it's most millennial women.

To make these assets feel as relatable as possible, we worked with Sephora to identify the moments in everyday life that would resonate the most with our audience.

From important meetings to chilling out after a long day of work, we created original designed assets that organically integrated the specific beauty trends that Sephora wanted to highlight, which received comments like "If this isn't the truth!!!!!!" — @theregoesdina, while friends tagged their friends in the comments (which helped to spread awareness and increase engagement for these posts).

Services Provided:

Art Direction and Social Media Strategy

Client: Sephora

Design: Alex Marino and Elliot Salazar

Art Direction + Strategy: Lindsay Arakawa and Elliot Salazar

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