Lindsay Arakawa

Colgate (for Refinery29)

There's nothing more radiant than a confident smile. In 2016, Refinery29 partnered with Colgate to interview three women for a series of Instagram-first assets to find out what specifically they loved about their personal and one-of-a-kind smiles.

Considering channel distribution, Refinery29 approached creative from a strategic POV taking into account the types of visuals that were high-performing and the stories that were naturally being told on Instagram at the time.

Yaminah (@spicy.mayo): "My smile means everything to me, as it should to everyone. It unlocks doors, calms, reassures, and creates so much joy."

Megan (@megangabriellle): "The thing that makes my smile would have to be my gap. I hope that it inspires people to find beauty in their own 'imperfections' and love themselves regardless of society's beauty standards. We're all different for a reason!"

Chen (@asianglam): "I just love to smile, it's like my coffee every day. You never know who will fall in love with your smile."

Services Provided:

Creative Direction, Casting, Photo Production, and Social Media Strategy

Client: Colgate

Photographer: BriAnne Wills

Art Direction + Strategy: Lindsay Arakawa and Cassidy Turner

Stylist: Helen Rendell

Models: Chen Yu, Yaminah Mayo, Mega Gabrielle

Make-up Artist: Allie Smith

Hair: Timothy Aylward

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