Lindsay Arakawa

Refinery29 x Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

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Culture has a way of connecting us from the things we have in common to our differences. For #AsianPacificAmericanHeritageMonthwe created a space for our voices to be heard and to defy (or embrace) the stereotypes that are placed on Asian Americans. 
We asked a few Asian Pacific American R29 staffers what their favorite thing about their culture is and discovered that the strings that attach us so closely with our culture are also associated with the memories we make with our families. The act of gathering and creating food brings us together (and something we still defer back to when we're feeling a bit homesick).
Comment below with what about your culture brings you ✨joy✨. #APAHM#AcknowledgeIsPower
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In today's popular culture and media, Asians are commonly cast in the same roles, over and over again. When lumped together, the deep, rich, and complex cultural backgrounds that Asians individually come from are disregarded. 
To read about why we celebrate #AsianPacificAmericanHeritageMonthand what it means to us, tap the link in bio. #APAHM
cc: @pitch__please
Hair and makeup by @yuuivision

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